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MEGA888 is a pioneering online casino app that was launched in 2018. MEGA888’s online casino platform establishes itself as the most trusted and favored platform among Southeast Asian nations. Some included are online casino Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. MEGA888 continues to have a competitive edge as it often provides its players with jackpots of high value.

In addition, MEGA888 also offers a variety of online slots from which players can choose based on their preferences. In fact, MEGA888 has received endless praise for its games’ graphics by its players. Most of the praise is directed mainly toward the Ultra highly defined game graphics. Additionally, examples of the most popular slot games in MEGA888’s casino platform are Ocean King, Dragonz, Lost Island, and Lion Dance slots. Other praises are directed towards MEGA888’s customer service and the security of the application.

Likewise, MEGA888 prioritizes the flexibility and convenience of its online casino players. Casino enthusiasts who have been around before the spectacular expansion of the casino industry can now experience higher levels of interaction with other online casino players.

Finally, MEGA888 has a mission to make its casino application accessible to all of its users on PC and Mobile devices. As a result, this illustrated article gives the player a step-by-step guide on how to download MEGA888’s casino application on their PC and mobile devices.

How to play MEGA888 on PC

MEGA888 is yet to offer an official PC download link for their players. MEGA888 acknowledges that some of its players prefer to play via PC compared to mobile phones. For that reason, MEGA888’s team has carefully curated a non-conventional way for its players to still lure in their fortune through their preferred choice – PC.

1. Download the android emulator – LD Player 9

For starters, an android emulator is a computer software that can install the player’s Android smartphone system into their computer. So, with this emulator system, the player can use any mobile-based application directly onto their PC or their laptop. For players to start downloading the Android emulator, they can proceed by entering LD Player 9 on Google or other search engines.

The player is then redirected to the homepage of LDPlayer. LDPlayer provides two versions of their Android emulator; LDPLAYER 4 and LDPLAYER 9. The player is advised to Download LDPLAYER 9.

After the player clicks on the ‘Download LDPLAYER9’ button, they are redirected to the LDPlayer download page. The player’s LDPLAYER9 should have completed downloading within a few minutes. If it has not, the player can click on the yellow Retry button to try re-downloading the emulator  xotic news.

2. Install LD Player 9

After the downloading process has been completed, the player can click on the dropdown arrow of the LDPlayer 9 exe. File and click on Open.

The player’s PC will then ask the player if they would like to add this software to their hardware. The player should then click on Yes. After which the player will be prompted to finally install the LD Player 9 on their PC. The player can proceed to click Install.

3. Open LD Player 9

Next, after the installation process is over, the LDPlayer 9 PC application will prompt the user to click on Start to continue.

After which LDPlayer will prompt the user to Enable their Virtualization Technology (VT) on their BIOS. Upon clicking on the Enable now button, the player will be redirected to LDPlayer’s illustrated article on how to enable their VT on their BIOS. The player can do so by checking out “How to enable VT on LDPlayer’s official site.

4. Download MEGA888 APK

MEGA888 is also not offered in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. This is primarily because of the iOS and Google Google play store gambling geo-restricted policy restrictions. Furthermore, non-native (not designed, particularly for Apple’s operating system) online casinos are not approved by the App Store. To our dismay, MEGA888 also fits into this category. The MEGA888 APK file can only be downloaded by Android device users, which is a plus.

The player can proceed to start the downloading process for their android device by clicking on MEGA888 Official Download Link from their Android device web browser.

The player will then be redirected to BK8’s page for MEGA888. By selecting the Download button at the bottom of the page, the player can continue. After which, the player’s device will have a pop-up asking the player permission to download the MEGA888-APK file. The player should automatically begin downloading the file after granting their permission.

5. Install MEGA888 APK

When the downloading process has been completed, the player’s system will ask the player if they would like to install this app on their device. The player should then click on Install. Consequently, a pop-up notification will appear stating that MEGA888 has been installed on the user’s device. Then they should select the Open button. After which the player can enter their UserID and password. Ta-da! The player has finally downloaded the MEGA888 onto their mobile device.

6. Open MEGA888 from LD Player 9

The player has to ensure that their VT has been enabled in their LDPlayer. Next, when the player is on the Android emulator,  they can finally proceed to Open MEGA888 and start playing.

The player is now equipped with the necessary information to start playing on their PC right away! There are more exciting opportunities available to you, including the 5% reload bonus. Players who have made a minimum deposit of RM 50 are eligible for this promotion. Furthermore, before withdrawing the money, the player must have earned a turnover of 7 times while playing. Only one player may use this 5% reload bonus at once. Follow the most recent deals and game launches! Finally, remember to have fun while playing responsibly.

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