How to Promote Open Culture in Your City

There are a number of ways to promote Open Culture in your city. Creative Commons USA is one such organization. They offer individuals the opportunity to create and license their work with Creative Commons. They also help platforms offer CC licensing. In addition, they encourage cultural institutions to make knowledge available to the public. If you would like to host an Open Culture event in your city, you may want to check out these tips and resources. They will help you plan a successful event.

Open Culture is all about free knowledge. It’s about collaboration, not protecting intellectual property rights. This means that a project can be shared, modified, or even sold to others. It’s a great way to create community and fellowship. Open Culture projects can be anything from educational apps to games to T-shirts. They aim to share as much knowledge as possible, so everyone can benefit. This way, they encourage people to participate in the creation of their community’s future.

A new initiative called Open Culture has just passed City Council. It will allow artists to perform outdoors and will direct the city to create an app to help audiences find Open Culture performances. The legislation has received a lot of support from LIT members. It has simplified the permitting process. The city can now approve applications for open culture performances in a matter of five business days. Open Culture will be available for arts and culture venues in all boroughs. It will also provide an easy one-stop permit for cultural organizations.

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