Gin Rummy Strategy Reddit

The first gin rummy strategy involves attempting to knock out the other player, who is likely to score a lot of points. Generally, if you have a gin, you score 25 bonus points. If you have an undercut, you score 10 or 20 more points. When playing against other players, you should also watch the discard piles to see which cards will be good for your meld.

Another great Gin Rummy strategy is to hold on to high pairs for as long as you can. This strategy is best for early on in the game. It is important to keep in mind that your opponent will often discard high cards in the first few turns. If you can, try to hold onto your high pairs for at least four or five turns. If you are able to do this, your opponents will have a tougher time keeping track of your own hand.

In a game of gin rummy, three players are competing against each other. The dealer deals the other two players. The dealer does not participate in the game, but is responsible for dealing the cards. After every hand, the loser of the hand will deal the next hand. This continues until the last two players remain. If you can get the first two players to knock out the other player, then you have the upper hand.

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