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A sourcing agent is the middleman who helps a company source goods Imeetzu. They are responsible for negotiating with suppliers to get the lowest price without compromising quality. They are able to negotiate because they are familiar with the local culture and language. They also know how to make an effective briefing. Besides sourcing, these companies also offer negotiation services Thedocweb. These professionals are skilled at negotiating and know how to approach suppliers in order to get the lowest price without compromising quality.

When choosing a sourcing agent, make sure to ask about their experience and credentials. They should have at least 3 years of experience and be able to provide you with references Mynewsport. If they are not able to provide references, it is a red flag. Also, look for sourcing agents who have direct factory contact.

Besides being able to negotiate with factories, sourcing agents should also be familiar with local customs. China is a prime candidate for sourcing because most products can be manufactured cheaply Getinstagram. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of factory goods and a leader in many product categories. A sourcing agent can help you find a suitable manufacturer in China.

In addition to the sourcing agent’s experience, he or she should be willing to provide you with a written proposal that outlines the services he or she offers Koinsbook. This should include a detailed breakdown of price per service. The agent should also provide copies of business licenses.

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